The One On How To Play On God’s Team.


Heavenly Father has a team.

Jesus Christ is the Head Coach.

When you are baptized, you join the team.  You sign a contract to keep certain promises (covenants) with Heavenly Father.  When we are obedient to these promises, He promises to give you the Holy Ghost in return.

Every week at Sacrament you renew these promises.

At your first team meeting your Coach reminds you of these promises.  He says to keep the commandments.  When you are on the field playing, keeping the commandments will help remind you which way your team is going.  Keeping the commandments will set you free and help you understand the game better.  It keeps you focused on scoring your personal goals.

Next, the Savior says you promise to always remember me.  There is nothing on that field that I haven’t experienced before.  I understand the game and played it perfectly.  There will be times when you will make a bad play or make a mistake- run to the sidelines and repent.  I will embrace you.  I will always be on the sidelines waiting for you, my patience is perfect.

Finally, take my name upon you.  Wear my name on your jersey and show everyone what team you represent.  There will be people in the crowd who will boo you and think you are playing on the wrong team.  But I am the coach and can see the whole field, trust in me.

I will send you the Holy Ghost to help you out there.  You will get fouled, tackled, and kicked down- it is all part of the game.  My Spirit will be there to comfort you, you are never alone.  You may wonder why I won’t run onto the field every time you fall, I will give you the strength to pick yourself up.  This is what increases your faith in me and your own confidence.

Keeping your covenants is choosing to play in the game.

There are many on the sidelines who won’t play- they are distracted by advertisements that tell them to just relax and escape the pain of the game.  Some are so consumed with how to get the most expensive cleats, or some are too worried to be judged by the crowd.  Some really don’t believe this is the right team anymore.

Your spouse may be on the sidelines right now or has decided to quit the team.

Love him, he is still your teammate in life.

A covenant is only between you and God.

Keep playing.  The blessings and power from keeping your covenants blesses you here and in the hereafter.

I promise God will strengthen you in any situation if you stay on the field, this is His team.


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