The One On: The One Thing Constant in a Marriage.

Our sealing 2001. Although my Boo is still active, I understand that people can change at any time. I keep working on me.

Being sealed to those we love doesn’t seal them off from change.  Rather, it binds us to them as, in their living, they never cease to change.  -Adam S. Miller (Letters to a Young Mormon)

I recently read through some of my old journals, it was so interesting and even funny, to read about the things that concerned me and what consumed my thoughts.

I couldn’t believe how much I have changed, even in the last 5 years.

I watch my kids and see how much they change in just one birthday.

For how much we don’t like uncertainty, the unknown, and things that aren’t predictable, change seems to be the one thing that remains constant.

When we were sealed in the temple, we had an idea of some of the changes- adding children, deciding where to live, and changing with the times.

Changing beliefs was not something you ever saw happening.

Or maybe you did, but didn’t want to stare at it.

When it is time to return to God’s presence, it will be just you.  It is our own covenants, not based on anyone else’s agency, but our own.

Keep doing your part and don’t underestimate the binding of God’s sealing powers.

Since we are all constantly changing, change into the person you want to be, it feels amazing.

Need some help with those changes? Pick me!

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