The One On What I Believed About My Marriage, But Found Out Was Wrong.

file-8 (002)
My Mattix diving into the Deep End.

If your brain was a like a swimming pool, then beliefs would be buried in the deep end.  They aren’t usually conscious and many times we don’t know when they jumped into our pool, but we believed them.  Over and over again.

Many of us our living our lives based on these beliefs and never question if they are actually true.  I had a belief when I was a teenager that married couples didn’t stay in love over time.  Although I found my husband and we got married, I constantly worried about how we were going to stay in love, since that wasn’t possible.  When I met older couples who appeared to be happily married, I didn’t believe them or it felt confusing because it went against my belief.

Our beliefs feel like facts to us, that they are just true.  The problem with never questioning our beliefs is that they influence how we act, whether we know it or not.  I acted like a worried and controlling wife because I needed constant reassurance that my husband still loved me.  All my attention went into trying to be loved, instead of really learning how to love someone else.

I decided to be the Lifeguard of my pool and see what was swimming around in my deep end.  What did I believe about marriages?  What did I believe a good and loving husband should be doing?  I started to question if believing that people couldn’t stay in love was true?  And having that belief, was it serving me as a wife?  I promise you it wasn’t.

When you change a belief, then you change your actions.

Your spouse may of stopped believing or decided to believe in something outside of the church, this caused him to stop taking certain actions or start different ones.  Instead of focusing on how those beliefs jumped into his pool, start focusing on the possibility of still having a loving marriage with different beliefs.

I promise you that the more you believe in yourself, then your actions will align with who you really are.  This will bring you peace.

Believe God’s power will help you.

Believe God is real.

Believe God loves you no matter what you believe.

Believe that people can stay in love, even when they believe in different things.

I will show you how to be your own Lifeguard.  My job as your coach is to help you uncover some of your beliefs so you can decide if they are helping or hurting you in your life.  Let’s get started, sign-up for a complimentary session.  I’ve got you.



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