The One On How Science Taught Me About My Worth.

Love Kori’s big brown eyes

Most of us have a general idea of what DNA is.  It is basically our genetic information.  They are characteristics that are unchangeable.  For example, our eye color.  We don’t have the ability to change our real eye color.

While Heavenly Father was creating us and our DNA, He put in our worth and value.  Never to be changed.  It doesn’t matter what amazing things we have done and things we have accumulated, it doesn’t increase our worth.  It also means that there is nothing we can do to ever be worthless.  It is not in our DNA.  Our worth is set and was given to us by the most loving God.

Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.  D&C 18:10

So, why is it so challenging to remember our worth?  Usually we start to measure it by comparing ourselves to others.  But, it isn’t measurable.  It’s can’t be changed.  So this causes us to believe Satan’s lies that we are somehow worthless.

Maybe you are married to someone where you started to question your worth.  Maybe you thought their love for you would be tied to your worth.  Maybe you question your spouse’s worth, that it would be higher if he was following all the commandments.

We all came to this earth with our worth woven into who we are.  All equal.  All the same.  We are all falsely trying to measure and compare them, but it is all in vain.

The moment you start to get a glimpse of the worth you have been given and start to see yourself as that person, then your life will change.  You will feel better in your life and draw even more closer to our Savior.  You won’t worry as much what others think, just what He thinks.  You won’t waste time comparing yourself, because you are confident in who you were created to be.  You aren’t supposed to have the same DNA as someone else.  Just the same worth.

I still catch myself trying to live up to others expectations or judging myself harshly for not living up to my own.  But now I can see it and remind myself that I am already whole.  There is nothing to prove.

I get to practice this over and over and over.  I get to learn this lesson and take this class on my worth as many times as I need too, until I understand it and pass.

You have worth.  You always have.  Start to believe it.


Need help believing?

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