The One On: Feeling Stuck in Life? How To Move Forward.

Me with my friends getting trained at The Life Coach School.

Faith is believing in something without having proof.  Other words that go along with faith are trust and belief.  Faith is the very first principle of our Gospel.  Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Without faith in Him, nothing else makes sense.

The same goes with moving forward in our lives.  It has to start with a belief without having the proof.  Believing in something that we want for our lives without having it now or seeing that it is possible.

Many of you feel stuck in your lives in one way or another.  Many of my clients feel stuck in their marriage because they aren’t sure how the future will look.

It starts by believing in a future that could be possible.  Belief in something is what will help you begin to move forward.  Many of us don’t want to because we are afraid we will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.  The truth is, you are already disappointed right now in your life.   Your current situation is not what you want or thought it would be.  Otherwise you wouldn’t feel stuck.

Belief in something puts you on a path.  You are choosing to believe it and determined to stay on the path until you get it.  No matter how long it takes, how many times you have to fail, or what you need to learn.  You will find yourself drifting off the path and questioning your belief.  Notice it and get right back on.  Belief is what keeps you moving forward.

Then one day, you will see that what you believed got you to the place where you were always meant to end up.  When I decided to become a Life Coach, I had no idea what that would look like, if I could even do it, or how it would all turn out.  I just believed that I was capable of taking the next step and believed that this would be something that I could see myself doing.  I stepped onto my path and just kept taking the next step.  I kept deciding to believe in myself over and over again.  The times when I didn’t, then Heavenly Father would for me.  I trust Him more than I trust myself at times.

Believe in something and begin your path.  You will be more disappointed if you stay stuck then if you tried.  It is only in moving that we find out where we were meant to be.

Start by taking just the next step.


I think about if I never stepped onto my path to become a coach.  To believe in something that I had no proof in whether it would work out or not.  Here is what one of my clients just emailed me the other day: “I can’t begin to express my gratitude for your help and ongoing support and unconditional love.  I have never met a coach like you before.  Your words have helped me…”  Do you need help knowing where to start or what you actually want to believe in?  I can help you get “unstuck” and begin your path.  I was always meant to help you with this.  Click here for your Complimentary Session.

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