The One On: Why It Feels Conflicting To Be Ourselves.


Did you know that you can feel two completely different feelings at the same time?  How is that possible?  For example, how can you feel both peaceful and sad about something?

I had a client reach out to me and tell me about how she went to tithing settlement alone because her husband doesn’t have a testimony of tithing.  She still wants to pay and he doesn’t so they have worked out a compromise.  It was her first time going alone and being very open with the Bishop.  The Bishop was kind and understanding about it.  Here is what she said about it: I’m not sure yet how I feel about it.  Free in some ways and nervous in some ways.

When you start to align yourself with who you really are and how you actually really feel about something- there is a sense of peace and freedom that comes.  You are exactly who you are in that moment and it is freeing.  However, it is like the band-aid that got ripped off and now your wound is exposed.  Everyone can see you now.  We are very afraid that someone will see us differently and judge us for it- which feels like the pain of someone scratching our wound.  It is extremely uncomfortable and scary.

When you start to slowly show more people who you really are: a human like everyone else that gets hurt, that wants to hide the non-perfections about ourselves, just desperately doesn’t want to be judged- this is when you will start to heal yourself.  One band-aid rip at a time because we are always meant to just be ourselves.

When you are feeling two opposite feelings at the same time like peace and pain, it is because you are in the healing phase, which can take time.  The more you keep the wound open, the faster it will air out and start to heal over.  Connection will start to happen in your life.  Covering up who we really are keeps us silently suffering and disconnected from others.  We don’t have the confidence in ourselves and so we play it safe hoping to get it from others.  It is exhausting and we stay hidden.

Integrity is choosing courage over comfort. –Brene Brown

I am so proud of the courage my client had.  This was a huge step for her to go to that meeting alone and really share how she felt.  She then had the courage to tell her husband what happened- another band-aid rip.  Don’t let being uncomfortable or feeling exposed tell you that you shouldn’t be yourself.  My client is now on the path of aligning herself to who she really is which will grow and change her in ways she can’t imagine.

Heavenly Father made you and wants you to love his creation.  He doesn’t want us to cover ourselves in band-aids to appear to be perfect and all together- He wants us to grow, evolve, and learn to only trust His love for us.  It is perfect.  The more we release ourselves from what others think about us, the more peace and freedom we will bring into our lives- even if it feels uncomfortable at first.  You are healing my friend.

If you need help learning how to rip off the band-aids, click here to get a on a free call together.

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