The One On: I Feel Entitled To Blessings

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Many of us know that the rainbow God sent to Noah was an outward token of God’s covenant.  A promise to Noah that He would never flood the Earth again with water and that the Lord will come again to dwell on the Earth.

God didn’t make the promise that Noah’s trip would be smooth sailing and super easy.  Instead, He sent a rainbow.

A rainbow has different colors, just like the blessings that the Lord sends to us will all be different.  But I think sometimes we feel entitled to certain blessings and that they should look a certain way.

We learn at church that when we keep the commandments, then we will be blessed.

Keep the commandments; keep the commandments

In this there is safety; in this there is peace.

He will send blessings; He will send blessings

I have heard from many members of the Church that they followed the commandments and life still didn’t turn out like they wanted.  Many husbands and wives who have been faithful and kept the commandments, still have a spouse or child leave the Church.

Where are the blessings?

We are entitled to certain blessings when we are keeping the commandments, but sometimes those blessings look different than we expect.  Sometimes we don’t notice the rainbow because we are so focused on all the rain.

The Lord is pouring down blessings on each of us every single day.  Sometimes it is nothing that we did to earn them or receive them, but it is because He loves us.  Sometimes the blessing is the trial and who you become on the other side.  Our greatest blessing is going to be to live close to Him again.  Heavenly Father will mold us, change our hearts, and send many different experiences to help us be more like Him.

Start looking for the blessings that are already in your life.  Be open to them looking different than you imagined.  Different colors and in hidden places… but they are there.

I promise.

Sometimes a blessing is another person sent to help you through something really hard.  I would love to be that person, click here to see how I can help.



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