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What Happened to My Happily Ever After?


You may wonder what you did wrong or what you could of done differently to prevent your spouse from leaving the Church.  Or you are worried about what the Lord is thinking about you and your marriage now.  This can cause a lot of guilt, shame, and doubt.

You may be angry at your spouse for leaving the Church.  He changed the rules.  You made promises and commitments to each other, this isn’t what you signed up for.  This causes a lot of confusion, hurt, and doubts about your marriage that you didn’t have before.

You still love your husband, but you may be wondering if there is even a way through this together.  Can we heal from this?  Can we see each other the same way we did before?

The answer is yes.  There is hope.  It is possible.  And your marriage has the potential to be even better than when you were first sealed together.

This is the work that I do.  It starts by getting on a free call together so that I can hear your story and bring you some clarity on what is happening.

Many of you are dealing with this alone and don’t want others to know about your spouse being less active or leaving, or some of you have reached out to family and friends for help and advice.  Either way, it is important to have someone by your side that can offer an outside perspective with real tools and solutions to help you navigate the many changes that come in a mixed-faith marriage.

Getting on this call may be your one decision away from a totally different marriage.

Setting up your Complimentary Session is very quick and simple. Click the link below, choose a day/time that works best for your schedule, then I will give you a call at that time. It is completely free. I want you to start feeling better in your marriage today.

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